Digital Marketing


RCI Marketing

Art Direction

Julia B.

Lead Creative Designer

Will B.


To decrease workload when rush sales are added for Visual Communications, Marketeting, Legal, and Deployment departments without compromising quality and creativity.



We created a 3 day turnaround campaign library (email, retargeting banner ads, social media, and website) for 23 common destinations that we often market to our members. Each destination has 4 different layouts totaling 92 emails, 276 retargeting banner ads,  92 social media ads, and 92 website hero images.


Responsive email

Each email was designed with live text so marketers can reuse this on another sale at a later time. Marketers can easily change the copy to whatever the sale calls for by going directly to the email deployment team without going to a designer for a mockup. Here we used Arial as our font to ensure it will display on all platforms.

Evergreen retargeting banners

The customer journey continues with matching retargeting banner ads to remind them about the current sale. Since the fonts are embedded, we decided to keep all targeted ads generic with no offer so these banners can be used again. We simply remind them that vacations are on sale now.

Social network

Paid social ads were created to expand our reach to members who may not have opened our emails or visited our site. To keep within the 20% text rule on facebook, we kept the image clean with a little sale flag on top, the destination where the image is located, and the RCI logo. All sale information goes on the live text area at the bottom of the ad.


Once a member clicks on an email, banner or social media ad, they will be directed to the RCI website to login and book their next vacation!