Zero to 180 Market
Zero to 180 is a pop-up brick-and-mortar that aims to educate the community about a greener lifestyle while offering 100% sustainable products. The store opened late 2020 during the height of Covid-19 and uncertain times for small businesses. Due to the pandemic and nationwide shutdowns, it was difficult to keep the doors open let alone have customers visit.


Completely redesign the website and integrate the current POS system into a fully functioning ecommerce site and increase sales.

Ecommerce Web Design

Will B.


My first goal was to redesign the user interface so it would be a better experience to navigate and flow through the site.

Not many consumers know how a tare market model operates so I decided to add how it works and what zero-waste is first in the hierarchy to educate visitors followed by the rest of the information.

Once the new homepage was set, it was time to work on the most challenging part of the build.

A lot of ecommerce sites start with Shopify and Woocommerce to integrate seamlessly into WordPress but what about a current POS system meant for a brick-and-mortar? We did not want to switch over to a new system or have two systems (online and brick-and-mortar), so instead I figured out a way to integrate the POS and keep the same SKUs so inventory match when customers order online or in-store.

Results from 1/1/21 – 1/31/21

The site was launched December 28, 2020 and the ecommerce site followed on January 8, 2021. While building the site, I also embedded Google analytics code to better understand user behavior. There was an 838% increase in engagement after site launch according to Google My Business!


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